Document Conversion Services

Document Conversion Services

Dodecan Services offers high quality document conversion services to transform bulk documents into the desired format, making your data easy to access, store and manage. We provide cost-effective, hassle-free document management solutions for libraries, historical societies, law firms, litigation service companies, insurance firms, and corporate, government, and educational institutions. Partnering with Dodecan Services can save time and ensure cost savings of up to 30 to 40% Contact Now and speak to our solutions manager to learn about how our document conversion services can help you.

Comprehensive Data Conversion Services

Our comprehensive document conversion services include: Conversion to desired file formats Sorting and organizing documents Defining of OCR zones for identification Cropping of documents or images Content tagging Meta tagging Document harmonization Image editing and color correction Support for all languages Facility for routing and tracking file revisions Database/storage support Our document conversion specialists provide precise, high-quality conversions to and from a wide variety of file formats:

  • DWG – JPG
  • DOC – TIFF
  • PSP – PDF
  • PPT – PDF
  • CHM – PDF
  • PDF – DOC
  • Excel – HTML
  • GIF – TGA
  • Text – HTML
  • XML – CSV
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