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Dodecan is proud to serve medical/legal clients by giving personalized service with accuracy and integrity


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Dodecan Services is not just another transcription company but also an expert in its field. We have a history of transcribing more than 30 million lines as of 2020, and we are still counting. Apart from transcription services, we cover a wide range of solutions, from simple data entry to complex data conversions. Our team of experts understands your needs and assigns a team with good experience that suits you. Our range of services covers a vast field of businesses all over the world. The list includes but is not limited to medical, legal, finance, information technologies, logistics, and airlines. We serve these industries with document and voice conversion services, image conversion, intelligent reporting, and online live data processing. We are committed to our clients with 24x7 and “ALWAYS ON TIME” services.


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Medical and Legal Transcription

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Dodecan Services  is strong. We are proud to serve our clients by giving them personalized service with accuracy and integrity. As a Professionally Managed Company, we understand your transcription needs, and as a technically sophisticated company, we have the expertise to satisfy our clients with our excellent quality service 

A team of highly skilled transcribers who use state-of-the-art technology to offer costeffective and exceedingly accurate services to our clients.

24/7 Services

4-6 Hours STAT

100% Accuracy

Honesty, integrity, and transparency in all dealings.

Respect and care for valued clients, and employees.

The pursuit of excellence in all endeavors.




Net is backed by a 1000 MBPS FOP Line as primary Internet connectivity plus another 100 MBPS FOP line for backup Internet connectivity with different ISPs enabling our services to remain online 24 hours a day.


Licensed and Legal Software Suites consisting of Office suites, Corel Word perfect 8.0, Stedman’s medical dictionary and spellchecker, Merriam- Webster Collegiate Electronic Dictionary , Websters New World Electronic Dictionary and Thesaurus Data Processing Services, Quick Look Drug, Electronic Quick Look Drug, The Language of Medicine, Scribe Aid Player, Joy-Scribe, Wave converter (converts .vox, .reth, .sri, and .dsp, dss, dss2 formatted data into the wave format), Easy-wave converter, MT search (helpful for maintaining specific client information and details), our MTs and Quality Analysts are provided with necessary hard copies of reference material and online database, which are constantly updated as required


Clinics, New York

MTOS from Florida, California, Texas, and Ohio
Insurance forms from New York facility
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